About Me

Spencer, a lifetime New Hampshire resident, has always wanted his work to affect the people he serves in a positive way. Starting from working in kitchens, to eventually running one, he has never been afraid of hard work. He found his way into water filtration rather sporadically, and immediately found the work to be rewarding and just plain cool! Seeing the reactions from customers and knowing he was providing a service that brought clean, safe drinking water to families across the state was really the driving factor into starting his own business. He believes everyone deserves clean water at a fair price, and aims to provide that for as many people as he can!

Spencer enjoys spending time with his wife, and newly born daughter, as well as his dogs, cats, chickens, and scaled friends! He loves gardening, being outdoors, and working on his house. He also has a huge passion for music, and tries to play as often as he can.

He looks forward to meeting with you, and hopes to provide the people of New Hampshire with an effective and affordable solution to any of the water quality issues one might run into.