Insured and Certified Water Treatment Technician

Full service Water Treatment Technician offering system installation, service, water testing (In-home and lab) and consultations.

Who I Provide Services For:

Home Owners

New or existing home owner? Curious about existing filtration? Are you questioning the quality of your water? I can provide in-home and lab testing to determine what you need to fix your water problems!


In need of a clean lab test for the sale of a home or mortgage? Let me find the most effective and efficient way to get a clean water test for you and your clients!


Looking for a convenient, simple way to provide quality drinking water to your employees and customers? Lets talk about different Point-of-Use systems that fit your needs!

Water Sources:

City Water

New Hampshire is lucky to have some of the cleanest public drinking water in the country, but that doesn't mean its free of secondary contaminants like iron, pH, and hardness, as well as the byproducts of chlorine disinfection. While the water coming from the main into your home has been treated, it still can and usually has one or more contaminants coming through. These, even at small levels, can stain fixtures and appliances, and in some cases even void warranties. Whether you notice cloudy glassware after a wash, build up around faucets and shower heads, corrosion of copper piping, or the smell of a swimming pool in your kitchen sink, I can correct the problem!

Dug Wells

The water from dug wells can look very clean and even test out in the home very well, but that doesn't mean they aren't susceptible to some of the same issues drilled wells have. Dug wells get water from the very top of the water table so heavy rains or snow melt can push contaminants from the surface into your water source. BACTERIA is a very common issue. It's imperative that you have your water tested in these situations. If you are questioning what's really in your water or you can't remember the last time you had it tested, I STRONGLY recommend reaching out and setting up a consultation. No matter the issue, there is always a solution!

Drilled Wells

The most common well used today, drilled wells pull water from aquifers deep within the earth's bedrock. The depth can vary from a couple hundred to over a thousand feet down! Since the water is being pulled from so far down in the bedrock, it has had the benefit of time and many layers of sediment and clay to naturally filter the water of certain contaminants. While you're less likely to get bacteria due to its depth and sanitary sealed well cap, another host of issues arise when drawing water from that deep. Granite and certain rocks in the earth's crust break down over time and can release toxic gasses and contaminants into the water. Arsenic, Radon, and even Uranium are all common in New Hampshire and can cause a host of health issues if not treated properly. The state recommends a complete water test every 5 years to ensure the contents of your water are still safe to drink and use. When was the last time you had your water tested? No matter the problem, big or small, I can find a fix for you!